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Friday, September 28, 2018

Disaster Risk Mitigation & Reduction Program

Youth Movement of NAFSO -YMESOC conduct 3 day Disaster Risk Mitigation & Reduction Program at Kala Oya (8-10/08/2018). The main aim is to prepare a plan for community based Disaster Mitigation & Disaster Risk Reduction Program.
Pradeep Laksiri, the Youth Coordinator of NAFSO said at the inauguration, “if we had known about the tsunami, we would have reduced the number of deaths as we would not go to demarcate land in the sea during the sea evacuate. We were not aware and prepared for disaster mitigation and Management at the time of tsunami. So it is important we get ready with a DRRM plan.”
Youth members of YMESOC and the activists joined the training from 14 districts to the training.